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Guelph Women in Leadership (GWIL) was founded in 2014 and is aimed at providing inspiration, leadership, and empowerment for all students, particularly women. Within 7 years the delegation has grown from a single member to 18 young women who are extremely passionate advocates for gender equality on our campus in society as a whole. Guelph Women in Leadership's mission is to give students the opportunity to educate, empower, and inspire each other through events and initiatives that focus on gender equity and female empowerment. We want female students to be confident in their networking abilities, support one another, and learn what they can do to stand out as young professionals. 

Our Vision


Create workshops that help students think critically, gain confidence, and learn new skills.


Start and facilitate conversations that pertains to women's rights, females as leaders, and gender equity.


Offer networking opportunities where students can build professional relationships with peers, faculty, and idustry representatives. 

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